Welcome to Within The Stones Media Network. Within the Stones is a multimedia project which is offered free to everyone with no advertising in order to add the most value to the message we provide. I'm excited to have you here and to share the information provided here with you. Thank you for your support.

Within The Stones was Created by myself, Tyler Bloyer, to provide the tools and resources necessary to help people educate and free themselves. The content provided on this site is intentionally designed to raise awareness of the reality around us. To bring those who participate in this network to closer alignment with the truth that exists in reality.

Within The Stones productions will be offered free to everyone, with no commercials or advertising. The purpose of the media produced at this site is meant to help people grow and learn. The information and the way it's presented at Within The Stones is meant to empower those that integrate it to live free and prosperous lives, and spread the philosophy of freedom to everyone.

The goal that started Within The Stones was to fill the need that I perceive to exist for a clear stream of communication. Something that can easily be understood and spark an interest to continue on the path to discovery, without taking the information at this site for truth, but rather discovering the truth for yourself. Those who consume the information provided here should always ask questions and research the information on their own. Please do not take what I say or what the content is saying as the truth or “believe” anything presented here. You should always research and verify the information provided by anyone, myself included, and find out what truth remains after you've gone through a process for truth discovery.


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